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CRCA Roof Consultant & Architect Membership

CRCA's Roof Consultant & Architect Membership is a type of Associate Members. CRCA Associate members are individuals, partnerships, or corporations that furnish materials, supplies, services or other allied products to the roofing industry. Roofing contractors cannot be Associate members.

The Associate Members are non-voting members of CRCA, but fully participate in CRCA Events throughout the year. CRCA is one of the few Contractor Trade Associations who has an Associate Member as part of the CRCA Board of Directors, elected solely by the Associate Membership. Three Associate Directors serve on CRCA's Board and are eligible to vote on all board decsions.

There are tons of benefits to becoming a CRCA Member. Don't miss out. Apply today.

CRCA's Board of Directors Approves Membership Applications at each Board Meeting. Applications must be received by the CRCA office no later than the First Friday of each month.

NEW and EXISTING CRCA Members, don't forget to keep your CRCA Member Listing up-to-date. Email us with the update and we'll add to the website ASAP.

Need more information? Contact the CRCA office at 708-449-3340 or email