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CRCA Mission Statement

CRCA’s mission is to unite those engaged in the roofing and waterproofing industry in Illinois and beyond by providing educational programs, informational resources and networking opportunities, as well as advocating on behalf of its members to enhance roofing industry standards.

CRCA Value Statement

To encourage and foster a feeling of friendship and cooperation among members.

To provide for the mutual exchange of practical and educational information that may be useful to its members.

To establish and endeavor to maintain a high standard of business ethics and conduct among its members and to encourage such feelings among all others associated with the roofing industry.

To remain in close contact, through public relations activities, with Architects, Engineers, Contractors and other segments of the construction industry, including property owners and the general public, so that all our communications efforts are coordinated and channeled to the best interests of our members, their employees, our industry, and the public welfare.