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Hunter Panels
Jennifer Holsinger
15 Franklin St.
Portland , ME   04101
(888) 746-1114
(877) 775-1769
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Business Description:
With energy consciousness on the rise and the threat of climate change at the forefront of our environmental priorties, the market share for polyiso continuous to grow. Founded in 1997, Huntel Panels manufactures energy efficient polyisocyanurate insulation panels used in commercial roofing applications. Products include flat, tapered, cover boards, composites, and nailable and vented insulation panels compatible with all single ply manufacturers.

Hunter Panels has been recognized as the industry leader of polyisocyanurate roof insulation since 1997 and continues to advance the construction industry with its environmeltally intelligent design. We are the first start-up company to enter the Polyiso industry since 1975, and we do so with a particular mission: to distinguish ourselves as a proactive entreprenuerial manufacturer and a leader in the marketing of our product line. As a standalone manufacturer, we are focused singularly on that purpose. We have brought together a team of industry professionals who know polyiso inside and out and who care about being technically proficient and customer driven. "Quality" is a mantra at Hunter Panels.

Huner Panels has six state of the art manufacturing facilities within the United States. The manufacturing facilities are located in NY, PA, FL, IL, TX and UT. A seventh facility is opening in WA in 2012.
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