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CRCA Awards

CRCA's leadership in the Roofing and Waterproofing Industry spans generations. Each award given by the association has a reason why it is presented and a process that the CRCA Awards Committee uses to select those who receive the awards. Check out the Award descriptions and recipients below:

  • Clyde Scott Award Recipients - The Clyde Scott Award is given only when a deserving CRCA Leader is nominated by the last 5 Clyde Scott Awardees.  This is not given each year.
  • Safety Award Recipients - Safety is important at CRCA. Contractor Members earn this award through exceptional performance. 

Clyde Scott Award Winner - 2017 -

John Lanzendorf, Combined Roofing, Inc, with Bill Lynch, Olsson Roofing Company, Inc.,

the last Clyde Scott Awardee.

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