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Jim at a meeting in 1969

2017 CRCA Annual Awards Dinner

James Mansfield, Sr.

James Mansfield & Sons

Roofing & Sheet Metal Company

CRCA President 1969-1970

Jim was a 3rd generation roofing contractor and spent his whole life around the roofing business.

He served on the CRCA board of directors from 1969-1979 as a CRCA Director, Vice President and President and was 1980’s Clyde Scott Award Recipient, CRCA’s highest honor.

He was involved in many committees including the CRCA/Local 11 Labor Committee, was a Health and Welfare Trustee, and worked with other leaders at Industry Affairs in Washington DC during the 1973 Oil Crisis. He was also a Trustee of the Local 73 Sheet Metal Union Apprenticeship. His real passion was the CRCA Scholarship Committee where he and others launched the program, which has awarded almost $300,000 since 1995.

He was a Director at the Midwest Roofing Contractors Association (MRCA) and the 2006 James Q. McCawley Award recipient, MRCA’s highest honor. He also volunteered on the MRCA Scholarship Committee.

An innovator, Jim and Mansfield Roofing installed one of the first ever rubber roofs at O’Hare Airport as single-ply roofing was developing and helped pioneer the Ice Barrier industry by installing self-sealing/adhered rubberized asphalt membranes at roof edges to flash gutters and prevent leaks from ice dams. Mansfield was one of the first to try many of the newer single ply systems, while not forgetting the traditional Built Up Roof or Slate and Tile or other classic roofs.


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