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2/25/19: CRCA Members recgnized by NRCA: Showalter Roofing - CNA/NRCA Community Inv. Award; GAF's Helene Hardy Pierce - NRCA J.A. Piper Award, Dominic Dunlap (DCG Roofing) & John Ziolkowski (Korellis Roofing) announced as 2019 FEI graduates!

2/21/19: CRCA Past President Rod Petrick named as NRCA Chairman of the Board Elect.

2/8/19: CRCA Past Pres. George Patterson elected to the CISCO Board at February Mtg.

Sen. Dick Durbin presents

1/28/19: Take a look at pictures from the 2019 CRCA Trade Show & Seminars here

1/25/19: A big thanks to Karnak's John McDermott for the great Restoration Seminar today, sponsored by CRCA's CWIR.

1/18/19: The 2019 CRCA Trade Show and Seminars is in the books! Visit CRCA's Trade Show page to check out presentations!

1/16/2019: CRCA's Bill McHugh spoke at the CAC-RCI Education Seminar  Nice turnout, CAC-RCI!

1/15/19: Register for the Jan. 25 CRCA CWIR Hands-On Training at Karnak.  Limited space available. Learn more

1/12/19: Read the Current issue of CRCA Today!

1/3/19: Learn how to build & enhance your business relationships thru communication! Register today for the Jan. 16, seminar

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