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Illinois Roofing Licensing Resources

When is an Illinois Roofing License required?

Illinois law requires all roofing and waterproofing work to be performed by Illinois state licensed roofing contractors. The only exception in the law is that the property owner can perform roofing on own personal property and his/her employees can perform roof repairs for commercial property. Falsifying license information could be considered identity theft, punishable as a Class 4 felony.

How do I verify a license number?

Verification can be done through the Illinois Division of Professional Regulation website or call (217) 785-0800

How to report a complaint on a roofing contractor?

Cases of identity theft should be reported to local law enforcement. All other complaints should be filed on the department of Professional Regulation website Please contact the CRCA office for more information.

What are two types of roofing licenses?

There are 2 types of roofing licenses

  • Limited Roofing License: contractors are limited to residential roofing, consisting of 8 units or less.
  • Unlimited Roofing License: contractors can roof on any roof type, including residential, commercial, institutional and industrial properties.

What information must the contractor provide when applying for a building permit?

In addition to any local requirements, an Illinois roofing contractor’s license number and licensee’s name, as it appears on the license, should be on both the building permit application and building permit. An applicant’s government issued photo ID (i.e. driver’s license, state id, etc.) is also required.

What is the consequence of fraudulently obtaining a building permit?

If a building permit applicant knowingly, in the course of applying for a building permit, provides the roofing license number of a roofing contractor whom he or she does not intend to have perform the work on the roofing portion of the project, he/she is committing identity theft under the Illinois Criminal Code and could be punishable as a Class 4 Felony.

What are the responsibilities of code enforcement officials as they relate to roofing contractors?

Illinois law requires any official authorized to issue building permits to ascertain that the applicant contractor is duly licensed, by the State of Illinois before issuing the permit.

Can a Licensed Roofing Contractor, who will not be performing work on the project, allow his/her license to be used by unlicensed roofing contractor?

No, this would be a violation of the Illinois Industry Licensing Act and the licensed contractor could be subject to fines up to $10,000 and revocation of their license.

Can an out of state roofing contractor perform work in Illinois?

Yes, but only if an out of state contractor first obtains an IL roofing license.

What if roofing contractor is changed mid-project?

The building permit applicant should promptly notify the local building department of the roofing contractor for the project changes.

Can a roofing contractor advertise or promise to pay/rebate any portion of an insurance deductible as an inducement to homeowners?

No, the Home Repair and Remodeling Act (IL HB 3034) prohibits a contractor from representing or offering to represent on behalf of the homeowner on any insurance claim in connection with the performance of such roofing work or interior home repair.

What information is required on all roofing and waterproofing contracts, bids and advertisements?

  • Land based phone number
  • Street address other than a PO Box
  • Illinois roofing contractor’s license number and licensee’s name, as it appears on the license ( this includes any commercial vehicles used for the roofing contractor's business)

Are Subcontractors allowed?

Roofing work can only be subcontracted to an Illinois Licensed Roofing Contractor, whose license information must appear on the roofing portion of the building permit application.

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