New Orleans Photos - St. Mary of the Angels Parish

Julaine and Stephanie Creed, (wife and daughter of CRCA Board Member Fred Creed) visited the St. Mary of the Angels Parish in New Orleans in May, 2006. This is one of the most severly damaged areas.  Through a personal contact by CRCA Member and Past President, Joe Adler, CRCA was able to be matched with this parish, one of the centers for relief, for supplies as well as volunteers.  CRCA's generous donation of $50,000 is being used by St. Mary's in the ongoing efforts to restore this extremely impoverished and hard hit area of New Orleans.  CRCA thanks the Creeds for visiting Father Bart at St. Mary's, taking time out of their own relief efforts.  Click on the photos below to view them!

Father Bart standing in front of church


                                      Flooding aftermath after Katrina               Additional Views of destruction

The Church reconstructed