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CRCA Committees

CRCA Awards Committee

CRCA’s Awards Committee, consisting of the last five years Clyde Scott Award Winners, reviews accomplishments by CRCA Members for consideration as award winners. The group awards the following honors: Award of Excellence, Associate of the Year, Local 11/CRCA Joint Safety Award and the Clyde Scott Award

  • Joe McDevitt (Chair)
  • Chris Adler
  • Jim Cronin
  • Bill Lynch
  • Rod Petrick

CRCA Chicagoland Women in Roofing Committee

The CRCA Chicagoland Women in Roofing is focused on inspiring women to get involved and contribute their knowledge and experience. CWIR strives to maintain a high standard of professionalism while encouraging the advancement of goals and interests for the success of women and the betterment of the Chicagoland roofing industry.

  • Stephanie Creed (Co-Chair)
  • Laurie Moore, (Co-Chair)
  • Rebecca Troche
  • Jeanne Beyer
  • Joan Crowe
  • Nichole Fuentes
  • Jennifer Trapane

CRCA Contract / Insurance Committee

The Contract / Insurance Committee continually maintain contact with the legal and architectural community to monitor developments in contract language for contractors as well as insurance issues for members. The group produces resources for CRCA Member Contractors to use in their businesses.

  • Jay Adler (Chair)
  • Bryan Adams
  • Bob Bachmann
  • Alex Doberstein
  • David O'Gara
  • Art Pedrazza
  • Mitch Rabin

CRCA Emerging Leaders Committee

Formed in 2015, this Committee is made up of the "younger generation" from CRCA Member contractor and associate firms.  The goal of this committe is to network, discuss and learn from each other.  CRCA's Emerging Leaders tackle the challenges of merging the new technology and methods of doing roofing and waterproofing business while not losing sight of the "old ways" that make their companies and this industry strong!

  • Phil Diederich  (Co-Chair)
  • Troy Wormley (Co-Chair)
  • Jason Conley
  • Dennis Bone
  • Chris Guare
  • Mike Lowery
  • Ryan Petrick
  • Melissa Varisco

CRCA Financial Committee

Formed in 2016, this Committee will periodically review CRCA financial records and investments, developing policies and strategies that conform with CRCA's objectives.

  • Brian Cronin (Chair)
  • Bill O'Brien
  • Mitch Rabin
  • Tony Roque

CRCA Health and Safety Committee

CRCA’s Health and Safety Committee works closely with CRCA Member Contractors and OSHA to promote safety in the Roofing and Waterproofing Industry. CRCA joined with OSHA to create the Safety Alliance, to collaborate and foster safety education for roofing contractors regarding hazards in construction. 

  • Mark Duffy (Co-Chair)
  • Joe Adler
  • Frank Marino
  • Ryan Petrick
  • Mike Reynolds
  • Greg Scannell

CRCA History Committee

CRCA’s History Committee will continue to explore and document the historical records of CRCA's membership and the development of roofing and waterproofing products and services that have evolved into the ever changing ones used in today's world.

  • Ryan Petrick (Chair)
  • Tony Roque
  • Tyson Polack
  • Jay Refieuna
  • Randy Zaleski

CRCA Industry Affairs / Technical Operations Committee

CRCA’s Industry Affairs and Technical Operations Committee works with CRCA’s Government Affairs Consultants to further CRCA Roofing and Waterproofing Industry advancement and consumer protection.

  • Tony Roque (Chair)
  • Mark Cronin
  • George Patterson
  • Rod Petrick 
  • Margaret Vaughn

CRCA's Marketing Committee

CRCA's Marketing Committee works closely with various organizations to create relationships and develop marketing to promote CRCA's members, including architects/specifiers, building officials, associations and other organizations and entities important to the Chicagoland Roofing and Waterproofing industry.

  • Dominic Marino (Co-Chair)
  • Bill O'Brien, Jr. (Co-Chair)
  • Tim Callahan
  • Brian Cronin
  • Casey Fraher
  • Dave Good
  • Chris Riddiford

CRCA Membership Committee

CRCA's Membership Committee works hard to assure retention and growth of the association. This group forwards to the CRCA Board of Directors Membership Applications for Contractor and Associate Members. The group also directs the CRCA Office to assemble New Member Packets, the CRCA Membership Directory and other promotional pieces to promote membership in CRCA.

  • Bob Prette (Co-Chair)
  • Troy Wormley  (Co-Chair)
  • Kim Kwasiborski
  • Dave Noonan
  • Lowell Patterson
  • Bob Pavic
  • Gary Schultz
  • Brad Schwab
  • Adam Sesso
  • Anna Swiontoniowski

CRCA Nominating Committee

The CRCA Nominating Committee, appointed by the CRCA President, presents a Slate of Officers selected from the CRCA Membership to fill elective vacancies for officers and directors of the Association. The Slate of Officers is presented to the Membership at the first session of the annual meeting of CRCA.

Voting Contractor Members Elect the Board of Directors to three year terms. The Executive Board Members serve terms of one year each. A Director is also appointed by the Associate Members by the Associate Member firms, for a one year term, with the potential of two additional years.

  • Tony Roque (Chair)
  • Chris Adler
  • Bruce Diederich
  • Joe McDevitt
  • Rod Petrick

CRCA Program Committee

CRCA's Program Committee develops topics and finds speakers for the CRCA Membership Meetings, plans the CRCA Annual Awards Banquet, the legendary CRCA Golf Outing as well as other social and business-based events.

  • Mike McMillin (Co-Chair)
  • Tony Roque (Co-Chair)
  • Jim Bone
  • Frank Castagnoli
  • Greg Dedic
  • Phil Diederich
  • Nicole Fuentes
  • Greg Johnson
  • Ryan Schultz
  • Randy Zaleski

CRCA Scholarship Committee

The CRCA Scholarship Committee meets to review and set objectives for the CRCA Scholarship Program each year. The committee sets criteria, and then determines the scholarship recipient each year. 

  • John Lanzendorf (Chair)
  • Chris Cronin
  • Dave Lowery
  • Joe McDevitt
  • Rod Petrick

CRCA Steep & Shingle Committee

CRCA’s Steep and Shingle Committee monitors activities and technology in the high slope roofing discipline. Whether it’s an energy code, product issue, maintenance, or press conversation, this committee is active in the industry.

  • Jim Peterson (Co-Chair)
  • Jim Prusak (Co-Chair)
  • Phillip Diederich
  • Jim Peterson, Jr.

CRCA Technical Committee

 The CRCA Technical Committee collaborates with roofing and waterproofing experts to research and effect change of a variety of topics and challenges facing the industry.

  • Rod Petrick (Chair)
  • George Patterson
  • Ryan Petrick
  • Mitch Rabin
  • Tony Roque
  • Dennis Runyan

CRCA Trade Show Committee

The CRCA Trade Show Committee plans the technical program content, assigns booth locations and assists in execution of this industry leading show. Speakers from nationally known organizations address CRCA at this very important conference.

  • Greg Dedic (Co-Chair)
  • Rod Petrick (Co-Chair)
  • Matt Adler
  • Dave Good
  • Greg  Johnson
  • Austin Krusec
  • Ryan Petrick
  • Ron Quimby
  • Ross Ridder
  • Tony Roque
  • Matt Wehrle

Joint Grievance Board

The CRCA Joint Grievance Board represents Contractors in grievance disputes regarding CRCA’s Standard Working Agreement with the Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers Local 11 Union.

  • Bill O'Brien (Chair)

  • Bruce Diederich
  • Bill Lynch

  • George Patterson
  • Rod Petrick

Trustees – Roofing Industry Apprenticeship/Training Fund

The Roofing Industry Apprenticeship and Training Fund Trustees work together with the Roofers, Waterproofers and Allied Workers Local 11 Union to implement education curriculum that results in workers trained in general roofing principles and specific specialties. This group also spearheaded the development of the Local 11 Joint Apprentice Training Facility, the finest of its kind in the US.

  • Jay Refieuna (Chair)

  • Mark Moran
  • Rod Petrick
  • Dave Wehrle
  • Larry Gnat, Local 11
  • Marty Headtke, Local 11
  • Gary Menzel, Local 11

Trustees, Roofing Industry Advancement & Research Fund

The Trustees of the Roofing Industry Advancement and Research Fund develop programs to promote the CRCA Roofing and Waterproofing Contractor Membership in the Chicagoland Construction Industry.

  • Tony Roque (Chair)
  • Chris Adler (Secretary)
  • Bruce Diederich
  • Joe McDevitt
  • Rod Petrick
  • Paul Shah

Trustees – Welfare, Pension & Reserve Funds

The Trustees of the Welfare, Pension and Reserve Funds are responsible for the management of the Fund Administrator Consultant used by the group.

  • Bill O'Brien (Chair)
  • Chris Cronin
  • Bill Lynch

Local 11 / Chicagoland Roofing Council Joint Safety Committee Members

  • Mark Moran   (Chair)
  • Mark Duffy
  • Frank Marino
  • Mike Reynolds
  • Greg Scannell
  • Bob Burch, Local 11
  • Marty Headtke, Local 11
  • Gary Menzel, Local 11

The Chicagoland Roofing Council Joint Safety Committee focuses on worker safety on the roof. This important committee is comprised of both contractor firm and union professionals.

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