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CRCA Year End Awards & Leadership Installation Dinner Banquet


Brian & Jim Cronin
Ed/Gail Krusec & Mac Cronin
Brian & Barb Cronin
Bob & Robin Cronin
George/Pat Riddiford & Betty/Chris Cronin
Jean Cronin, Tara Moran & Barb Cronin
George/Pat Riddiford & Gary Menzell
Chris & Joe Riddiford & Dave Noonan
Jay & Kelly Tulley
Chris Adler & Jason Doran
George Riddiford & Jim Mansfield
Chris & Tammy Riddiford
Jim Mansfield Jr. & Nick Lehner
Jim & Bernie Mansfield
Jason Refieuna & Bernie Mansfield
Mike Streit & Mike McMillin
Bruce Diederich & Mike Adler
The Joe Adler Family
Chris Adler & Tony Roque

Beth/Kevin O'Reilly &

Jeff/Martha DeJong

Greg Johnson & Tony Roque
Jay Adler, Kevin O'Reilly & Steve Charvat
Linda & Tony Roque
Joe Roque & DeAnna Hooper
Marco Perez & Alma Correa
Madonna & Mike Spence
Frank/Lisa Marino & Pam/Mark Duffy
Sam Caniglia & Linda Couto
Lori Petry & Nancy O'Brien
Combined Roofing
Gerry Hoffschmidt

Bill McHugh, Gerry Hoffschmidt

& Patty Keating

Patty Keating & Bill/Nancy O'Brien
John Lanzendorf & George Riddiford
Kim Rogers, Jim Peterson & Nancy Hausler
Jim Peterson Jr. & Jim Peterson Sr.
Bill McHugh w/Local 11
Kim/Bob Burch & Sue Menzel
Bennett Brosseau & Industrial Cork
Chris Eheart & John Ziolkowski
Fred Creed & Jim Bone

Patty Keating, Fred Creed &

Linda McHugh

Kelly Doberesch & Sue Johnson
Todd & Christine Proctor
Bonnie Petrick, Linda Wallace & Barb Petrick
Linda Wallace & Bob Petrick
Jim Bone, Bonnie Petrick & Linda/Ken Wallace
Joe Adler & Steve Schwab
Jim Bone & Rod Petrick
Barbara & Dominic Marino
Katie Hlis & Jason Bone
Dennis & Jason Bone with Rod Petrick
Valerie Bone & Jonathan Grey
Gary & Sherry Eaton
Paul Prost & Rich Sterner
Phillip Diederich & Rita/Joe McDevitt
Michael & Joseph MdDevitt
Rita McDevitt & Tiffany Krueger
Joe McDevitt & Chris Cronin
Jim Bone, Mike McMillin & Joseph McDevitt
Jason & Dennis Bone with Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson, Marie Manasek & Laura Cejna
Doug Maher & Ronda Bach
Doris Schwab, Joanne & Patty Adler & Dawn McMillin



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CRCA’s year ends with a gala second to none in the Roofing Industry. CRCA’s Year End Awards & Leadership Installation Dinner gives us the opportunity to thank CRCA’s Board of Directors who have served and are rotating off the Board. And, new Officers and Directors are installed at this meeting that honors those who volunteer their time and talent to CRCA’s efforts in the Construction Industry.

Significant CRCA Industry and Professional Awards are given at the meeting:

Supplier of the Year Award – This award recognizes the supplier who has quantifiably excelled in service to CRCA Contractor Members through the year “For their continued effort To promote Professionalism, Integrity And Service to the Roofing Industry”.

Award for Excellence – CRCA recognizes an individual “For Dedication to the Roofing Industry And Commitment to the Preservation of the Highest Standard of Ethics and Professionalism and many Years of Service to this Association, plus Friendship and Support over the Years”.

Safety Award – This is awarded to a firm that has exemplified Safety throughout the company. “In Recognition of an Outstanding Safety Record and Appreciation of a Conscientious Effort to Promote Safe Working Conditions Throughout the Industry. For his Continued Efforts

Clyde Scott Award – This award is the pinnacle for CRCA Members and a true honor to be recognized by the association for very personal, unselfish giving of time, talent and resources to the roofing, construction and other communities.

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