CRCA - Chicago Roofing Contractors Association

2011 Annual Dinner - Holiday Inn Mart Plaza

Chicago, IL

CRCA Current Events Photos                                                               

Bill McHugh &

Bob Petrick

Bob Cronin
Bruce Diederich
Dawn McMillin Marie Manesek & Laura Cejna

Bruce Diedrich congratulating

Rod Petrick

Combined Roofing
Chris & Jenna Hoffmann
Flo, Bruce, Phil Diederich & Lindsey Donley

Creeds with

Patty Keating

The Cronins

Dan Flickenger

Ryan Schultz

Elens Maichin Anderson Shah
Dawn & Larry Koeniseder
Dawn Nemelka
Geogene Sessler & Judy Roque
GAF Associate of the Year

Fred & Stephanie Creed with

Patty Keating, Jeanne Beyer & Linda McHugh

Hamill Mullan

Georgene & George Sessler &

Judy Roque

Bill O'Brien
Rod Petrick & Joe McDevitt
Greg Johnson
Petrick Family
Petrick Family

Tyson & Charissa Everett &

Fred Creed

Ryan O'Hare & Jessica Roque

Jodi Adler &

Patty Keating

Jeanne Beyer & Tom Hengles
Greg Johnson
Patty & Jay Adler
Jim Bone
Jim Brosseau & Joe McDevitt
Luke Duffy, Robin & Mac Cronin
Joe McDevitt & Bob Cronin
Creed Family

Julie, Linda &

Steve Roque &

Roseanne Briatta

Katie Hlis & Jackie Bone
Larry Wolfe & Patty Keating
Linda & Bill McHugh
Mark Rudolph & Jamie Strezo
Peterson Roofing
Prate Installations
Past Presidents & Patty Keating

Bill & Nancy O'Brien with Tyson & Charissa Everett

All American - Safety Award Winners

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